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Dirty Kiss - Rhys Ford umma = mom
hyung = older brother [younger boys call older boys for respect]
dongsaeng = younger brother/sister . term of respect.
musang = 4 Years of watching korean drama / variety shows & listening to kpop and i never heard this term XD but i googled it and couldnt find the meaning so i am assuming it is a petname?
Aish = Kind of like saying " shit" or "crap"
nuna = like older sister (younger boys call older girls)
hyungnim = like respected older brother or sir

Things that kind of got me about the story :

The guy at the bar/waiter calling cole hyung. That would not happen like that in korean culture. it is used on close friends/family members.

The improper use of hyung is driving me CRAZY ! i couldnt force myself to read any longer then page 102